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Imaging Ideas translates your vision into a language everybody understands!

To excite others of your product or business ideas you need strong images that will convince and appeal.

Convincing investors, new business partners and clients of your product you need strong images that will excite and appeal long before the product is realized.

At that point of your project ideas and visions are tricky to communicate.

Introducing visual strategies can help to tell the story of your product and let people easily understand your ideas.
IMAGING IDEAS enables you to take a look into the future together with your investors, business partners and clients.
Using sketches, 3D-renderings and digital image editing techniques I will create strong visualizations of your products.

In this way your ideas are made visible to a broad audience and communicate your visions.

Let's create impressive images of your vision!


Paul Winkler

I am Paul Winkler, product designer and founder of Imaging Ideas.

My thoughts and my daily life are full of fascinating ideas.
Communicating these ideas through my images is my special strength.

Sketching, drawing, photographing – for my work I use a broad range of creative techniques that complement each other in a perfect way. I also apply 3D-renderings to create realistic-looking illustrations of your ideas.

Before founding IMAGING IDEAS I was visualizing ongoing projects for the architecture office Holzer Kobler Architekturen.

My passion for photography motivated me to assist the Berlin-based renowned photographer Susanne Schleyer and to realize own photo projects and assignments.

Get in touch with me – I’d like to get to know you and to understand your ideas to find the best way to visualize them.

+49. (0)176. 82 144 142

Paul Winkler, Product Designer

Drontheimer Straße 24
13359 Berlin

+49. (0)176. 82 144 142